Relax When Your Kids Aren't With You

OnlyCall was founded to fill a glaring gap in childcare and safety and to provide parents with the peace of mind you deserve when your kids aren't with you.

Our Story

When my daughter was a little younger and I was explaining to the sitter how to get a hold of me in case of an emergency, I found a gap in child care safety and services...

If the sitter needed to contact me, but my phone died or I missed the call for any number of other reasons, I wanted her to have a backup plan. So I also wrote down my daughter's mother's number. But just in case she also wasn't available, I wrote down my mom's number. But my mom often doesn't have her phone with her, so I also wrote down my sister's number and my daughter's mother's brother and his wife.

Now I had a list of 6 numbers for the sitter to call, which I posted on the fridge.

The only problem was the last thing I wanted the sitter doing would be making 6 calls - probably getting voicemail after voicemail - when she should be attending to my daughter and the emergency at hand.

And that's when it hit me . . .  As parents, we NEED a service that does this automatically. And OnlyCall was born...

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...I’m so glad we found OnlyCall!