And they love us! Here's what OnlyCall customers have to say about our service.

I am the mother of two active daughters. They are busy with camp, at classes and other ongoing activities. If an emergency occurs with either of my children when they are at one of their enrichment programs, a single phone call through OnlyCall will dial me, my husband, and everyone else on my list of back-up people to alert them of the situation. The same is true if my girls are at home with a babysitter or my mom. OnlyCall is a great service that allows me to be relaxed when I am not with my kids. I know that if I can’t be reached, a relative, a trusted friend, or our pediatrician will be able to step up to the plate and answer the call.
— Susan (Mother of 2)

My daughter’s dad and I are separated. Because each of us is registered with OnlyCall, we can rest assured that in an emergency, we will both be alerted, along with the other reliable people on our lists. The nanny or the babysitter just dials the OnlyCall number, enters our code and automatically our contacts are notified. I’m so glad we found OnlyCall!
— Sarah (Single Mom)

I am so glad to have discovered this service for my grown children and their families. What a great system to have if a crisis arises during the times when my grandchildren are in my care. OnlyCall provides peace of mind to my grown kids who now have children of their own and find it necessary to leave them in someone else’s care. I wish this service had existed when my children were young! So happy its available and affordable to every parent now!
— Heather (Grandmother)