Peace of Mind for Parents

We empower parents with a simple service that provides security and peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

What OnlyCall Does

OnlyCall is an alert distribution service for family emergencies. It's simple to use for both you and your sitter. In the event of an emergency, your sitter makes one simple call - the OnlyCall they have to make - and records a message explaining the details of the emergency and the current status.

OnlyCall then does all of this instantly and automatically:

  1. Simultaneously dials up to 10 contacts that you select (you, your child's other parent, your neighbor, you brother and/or sister, your parents, etc.)
  2. Connects the call live to whoever answers first. From there, this trusted contact can make arrangements, continue to try to reach you and get involved in whatever way is appropriate . . . so your sitter can get back to taking care of your kids and dealing with the emergency at hand.
  3. Sends a transcript of the message via SMS to up to 10 contacts. This way, everyone gets informed instantly - even if they aren't the first person to answer the live call.
  4. Includes a link to the audio version of the message - just in case the transcript isn't 100% perfect.
  5. Includes the sitter's number with the text that gets sent, so anyone can text or call back immediately.

This combination of features makes OnlyCall an extremely robust service, alerting up to 10 trusted contacts in multiple ways, all from one simple phone call.

Setup Is Simple

To set it up, all you do is log into our management portal and add the phone numbers of your contacts. We recommend adding at least 3, and you can add up to 10!

FREE "Easy Info" Magnet

Sign up today for only $19.95/yr, and we end you a free refridgerator magnet with simple instructions and your special number for your sitter.

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Three words: Peace of mind. And it’s so easy to use & affordable. Such a wonderful service for parents. Easy to imagine a day in which every parent in North America will have OnlyCall. Couldn’t be happier.
— Nick (Single dad)